No Place Green Enough

#001.1 - An Appetite for Change (Prologue)

February 10, 2021 No Place Green Enough Season 1 Episode 1
No Place Green Enough
#001.1 - An Appetite for Change (Prologue)
Show Notes

Lisa Wouters forgoes her fridge leftovers to enjoy a wintery night out with her friends in Ghent city, only to find herself yanked into an unexpected and unfamiliar place. Why has she been brought there, and where will this journey take her? Stay tuned for Part 2 of An Appetite for Change in the coming weeks!


  • Written by Paule-Emilie Ruy. Screenplay by Thiviya Nair. Edited by Soham Datta.
  • Research by Rita Meireles de Castro and Soham Datta.
  • Mixed and produced by Thiviya Nair.


  • Lisa Wouters: Cyrielle Delvenne
  • Thomas Vermeulen: Stefan Gevaert
  • Yasmina de Vos: Eva Lambert
  • Lydia Dubois: Vé De Koninck; Check out her work at!
  • Labkost Galdearth: Jovan Perić
  • Mother Nature / Narrator: Thiviya Nair

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