No Place Green Enough

#003 - Flights of Fancy

December 20, 2021 ExPlane Season 1 Episode 3
No Place Green Enough
#003 - Flights of Fancy
Show Notes

It is a modern marvel to be able to fly, but are we ready to pay the full price?

In this episode, Maria, a PhD student, goes through a roller-coaster of emotions as her sustainable choices of travel to a conference are hindered by rigid university policies. She chances upon an app that provides emission analysis and sustainable solutions in academic life.

Will she find the courage to convince scientists and experts of the novel ways to reduce air travel among researchers? Will she manage to drive home her point at the risk of being marginalised by the academic society at large?

This episode highlights the plight of a lot of eco-conscious academics who are discouraged from using more sustainable modes of transport due to short-sighted policies within academic institutions. It sheds light on initiatives like ExPlane, which is tackling this issue with a multidisciplinary approach.

Does your university practice what they preach? Do you want to address the problem of unnecessary air travel at your university? Check out the campaign toolkit at ExPlane ( that can help you raise awareness on the climate impact of flying and change your university’s travel policy. ExPlane aims to eliminate unnecessary travel and ensure that all decisions to travel by air are made consciously and with full awareness of the environmental impacts. It does this by asking universities to adopt fair and sustainable travel policies.


  • Written by Kelsey Danks
  • Sound and direction by Thiviya Nair
  • Production by Thomas Riedinger
  • Research by ExPlane and Claudia Moreno Meneses
  • Album art by Marie Plesse
  • Copywriting by Soham Datta
  • Partnerships by Simona Jastremskaite


  • Marta da Silva as Maria
  • Sarah Golding as Esther
  • Ruthanna Reardon as Scrybe App and Narrator
  • Luis Alberto Martin as Speaker 1
  • Aleksander Stepanovic as Speaker 2
  • Amy Zhang representing ExPlane
  • Kim von de Heide representing ExPlane

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  • Sound effects from,,
  • Music from,, and
  • Dawnage by Ketsa
  • Ephemera by Scott Buckley
  • Oh Radiant One by Siddhartha Corsus
  • Snowfall by Scott Buckley