No Place Green Enough

#004 - Burning the Hand that Feeds

January 18, 2022 Amazon Watch Season 1 Episode 4
No Place Green Enough
#004 - Burning the Hand that Feeds
Show Notes

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another,” said Mahatma Gandhi nearly a century ago, whose words hold true even to this day. 

Where does the food we eat come from? Does the cost justify the means? 

In this episode, a little boy from an Amazonian village shares his tale of personal loss due to the grave injustices in our food supply chain. Does it move Hannah, a young American intern in the area, enough to make more conscious choices in the food she buys? 

This episode highlights the need for awareness of the origins of our food and the loss of life and biodiversity that follows as a consequence of its unsustainable production. 

If you want to lend a hand, look no further! Amazon Watch is a non-profit organisation that protects the rainforest. It also spreads awareness about the plight of the indigenous people who are caught in the conflict between illegal deforestation in the Amazon basin. Check out their website and support their work at There are petitions to sign, apps to try and events to participate in! 


  • Written by Thiviya Nair. 
  • Sound and direction by Thiviya Nair. 
  • Production by Thomas Riedinger. 
  • Research by Rita Meireles de Castro. 
  • Album art by Marie Plesse. 
  • Copywriting by Soham Datta. 
  • Partnerships by Simona Jastremskaite. 


  • Ruthanna Reardon as Hannah. 
  • Gabriel Acuña as João. 
  • Thiviya Nair as Narrator, Mother, Ana, and shopkeepers. 
  • Aleksander Stepanovic as Father. 
  • Luis Alberto Martin as Villager 1. 
  • Guilherme P. Moraes as Villager 2. 

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  • Sound effects obtained from,,,
  • Music from,, and 
  • Thoughts by Polytunes. 
  • The Lost Hope by MusicLFiles. 
  • Tender Song for a Young Child by MusicLFiles.